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Department History

     The Andover Township Fire Department, identified as Station 32, was established in September of 1953 with 28 charter members.  The first firehouse still active today, is located on Limecrest Road and was erected with a single bay for storage of one fire truck in 1954.  A few years later it was expanded to add three more bays. As the trucks got bigger, the bays had to accommodate the change.  At one point, the ambulance service also used to operate out of the firehouse. Over the years, additions were made with most of the construction done by the firefighters except for the second floor addition in 1985 which was recently renovated in 2018.  Today the original firehouse exists of four bays and is host to an Engine 32-61, Rescue Pumper 32-75, Tanker 32-71 and Brush Truck 32-81.  A second firehouse is located across town on Mt. Nebo Road.  This firehouse is nestled among residential houses and fits in nicely with the neighborhood décor.  Station 2 houses an Engine 32-62, Tanker 32-72, Utility Pickup 32-76, Rescue Boat 32-78 and a trailer containing a UTV and ATV. 
     All members are volunteers and on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Early on, firefighters were alerted from Aeroflex Andover Airport via the Plectron radio system and a siren, making the response time 20 minutes long.  With the advancement of technology, portable pagers and text messaging alerts firefighters to active calls significantly reducing response times.
     Today there are 30 active members. The Andover Township Fire Department hosts several fundraisers throughout the year which includes an annual mailing, golf outing, chicken BBQ, coin drives, Operation Santa and our legendary venison dinner.

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